About Jackson Institute of Technology

Jackson Institute of Technology(JIT) is a department of Jackson Educational Complex partnering with NIIT India to offer industry-based courses to individuals and institutions to produce experts who are industry and future ready.

 11 Years of Producing Professionals and still counting…

Jackson Educational Complex (JEC)

Since its inception in 2009, JEC has trained about 12,400 professionals in education. With expertise in offering excellent training to individuals, JEC has Institutes like Jackson College of Education (JCE), Jackson Institute of Innovation and Leadership (JIIL) and Jackson Institute of Technology (JIT). JIIL offers practical and employable skills to students through a variety of courses and continuous professional development trainings for individuals and institutions. JIT is a viable opportunity for JEC to extend a service of excellence in the training of experts in the technology industry.




JEC awards diploma and degree certificates to students after successful completion of studies.

Blended learning

JEC incorporates both online studies with periodic face-to-face interaction between lecturers and students.


JEC uses modules which have been carefully prepared by astute educationists to train students with relevant and practical teaching method.

Online sessions


Our ultra-modern facility is equipped with state-of-the-art devices for hosting and transmitting online content across the globe. 

Classroom Lessons

Our classrooms are Pearson certified, thus, they are suitable for training and professional certification purposes.

Coding Camps

We have a commitment to helping our community advance in technology. We achieve this by organizing boot camps during which we transfer tech skills as part of our support to our community.

About Us

Our Story

Jackson Institute of Technology (JIT) is a part of Jackson Educational Complex. JIT has partnered with NIIT India to run Information Technology programme(s) suitable for IT “newbies” and intermediates who are seeking to become experts in the Information Technology industry. With our ultra-modern computer laboratory and lecture halls, students get to practice the theory taught. Upon completion of any JIT programme, Certification is issued by NIIT India.






Why Learn With Us?


Established for 40 Years

NIIT India has been in existence since 1981 and has earned the title “India’s Most Trusted Educational Brand”. JIT together with NIIT India offers training and development solutions to indviduals, enterprises and institutions.

Over 100,000 Graduates Globally

NIIT India has over thirty million learners globally, and in Ghana, JIT is the first institution to form partnership with NIIT India.

Present in 30 Countries

NIIT India is currently present in thirty countries.

World Class Educators

NIIT India and JIT have well experienced facilitators who are knowledgeable in Information Technology. Our students are taught by the best.

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