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Build skills in various Industry 4.0 offerings through interactive and practical world class training.


Our Course Offerings

Basic Courses

Get a formal introduction to Microsoft packages and its application as a productivity suite through structured modules and hands-on training.

Intermediate Courses

Get prepared for junior IT roles and become industry ready through our crafted curricular that has practicality at the fore. Check it out Now.

Advanced Courses

Have a deep dive into  advanced courses. These courses prepare you for senior roles as you advance in your career. Be prepared for the future!

App Development

Certificate Courses

Our certificate courses are short-term hence students can upskill, become industry ready, and get certified to achieve career and life goals within the shortest possible time.

Diploma Courses

Our diploma courses are divided into semesters and they provide you with the flexibility of completing our modules for each semester within a reasonable time frame.


Jackson Institute of Technology - Software Engineering

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“What others are saying about us!”


I took the beginners course in the Office Suite package at Jackson Institute of Technology. I am now very efficient at my job and my bosses are pleased. Thank you JIT!

Rev. James Kwasi Annan

The experience at JIT has enabled me to execute my duties with the highest level of professionalism.JIT has come “Just In Time” to offer quality education. I would like to encourage everyone to enroll in the program for “time and tide wait for no man”.

Michael Yaw Adjei

The Data Analytics course at Jackson Institute Of Technology provided me with a comprehensive understanding of various analytical tools and programming languages. Throughout the one-year duration, I extensively studied R-Programming, Microsoft Excel, Python, and Power BI, which are widely used in the field of data analysis.

Irene Adubea.

Due to the skills and good training given to us by the tutors at JIT, I have been able to land my dream job as an Office administrator. I am currently offering the Data Analytics course at JIT. I am very grateful to Jackson Institute Of Technology and its faculty for allowing me to become a successful professional.

Derrick ofosu Owusu

I was inspired to pursue the PHP Certificate in web Development program at Jackson Institute of Technology. Their Lecturers exhibited a lot of patience during the programme and their high-tech computer lab and equipment made it a convenient learning experience.


Ask us your questions!

Jackson Institute of Technology wishes to meet the aims or goals of each clientele. Talk to us today; let’s lead you to your desired destination.

I am not sure of the course I should take

JIT offers a wide range of courses which are categorised under beginners, intermediate and advanced options. Start a beginners course today and gain more interest and direction in the IT field.

Do you offer consultancy and trainings for other institutions

Yes, we do! Contact us today and book a date with our able team.

How long would I take to complete the course?

Duration of each course differs from the other. Duration of courses ranges from 3months to 3years.

Would I be awarded a certificate upon completion?

JIT offers students an internationally recognised certificate from NIIT India upon completion of  any course applied for.

How much do I pay to enroll for a course?

The fee structure is dependent on the course applied for. Amount paid covers tuition and modules.

Regular Class

Every class is started with a stipulated number of students. There is a minimum number of students in every class starts.

Premium Class

Individual students can request for our premium class, in which he/she will be the only participant. But it comes with an additional cost.

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